Animated Explainer Video Production Process is a leading Video Consulting and Production company. We offer video consulting to help you manage your video production or simply producing it for you.

At FlashyVideo, We understand your business needs, create a personalized video plan by recommending a Video strategy, Video content and develop an organized video pipeline to get your message across and attract more followers and sales.

Come take a look at our custom animated explainer videos process designed specifically for you as per your needs.

1) The Creative Brief- Before we start making a video, we share a questionnaire with you that you need to fill in. So that we have a better understating about your products or services. Or if you have any other relevant document that you think can help us to understand your product and services in a better manner, you can always share that with us.

2) Crafting the Script- On the basis of shared information, our team of experienced script writers, writes a professional script, to put across your point in the video.

3) Professional Voiceover- The next step would be voiceover where we provide you options to choose from 500+ Male or Female voices. It could be in an Indian accent or American accent. Whichever language or accent you’ll select, we’ll provide you the voiceover in your selected voice only.

4) Video Storyboard- Then comes the most important step of storyboard where we provide you a .ppt presenting graphics for each line in the script. So that you know about all the graphics, illustrations, color theme and characters we will be using in the video.

5) Advanced Animation- Once these 4 steps are complete, your 90% of the video is executed. Then in the last step, we give animation to the graphics, add background music to it and do the voice sync part.

6) Final Delivery- Finally, we deliver the Full HD video to you in 12-15 working days that you can use to promote it on your Website, Social Media, Paid Ads, Professional Networks, Pitch Deck, Business and Sales Pitch presentations etc.



As a well respected name in the Animated Explainer Video industry. We focus on creating creative and effective explainer videos specifically designed for your business that make you grow more.


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