Live Action Video Production Process

Come take a look at how our live action explainer videos are created. To make a live action video, we divide our process into three phases-
Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. These three phases are very important in creating a meaningful and engaging video.

Pre-Production Process-
The pre-production process includes everything that happens before the time of shooting. From conducting meetings to designing the storyboard happens in this process.
Video Strategy/Goals- The first step is to identify the main goal/objective of making the video. For this there would be a series of calls or online meetings taking place to finalise on the main aim of the video.
Story Selection- The story is the main essence of the video; it is what reaches the audience and helps bring about the aims you have with the video. We discuss story ideas with you or if you have an idea to share, our team of experienced professionals helps you execute it.
Project Timeline- The project timeline gives us an estimated time frame in which the video can be completed. At FlashyVideo, we produce a live action video between 25-30 days. The project timeline may vary based on the video and its requirements.
Creating the Script- Once the storyline is selected our team of professional script writers, write an engaging script by keeping every aspect like storyline, characters and aims in mind.
Storyboard Creation- A storyboard is a series of scenes shown graphically. We create a storyboard by keeping in mind about the location, characters with their dialogues, props and camera angles to make sure the day of the shoot goes smoothly that helps avoid any hassle.
Talent/Characters- We select the characters by taking auditions and finalise them on the basis of their skills and prior experiences.
Production Team/Equipment Needs- Our experienced team of director, cinematographer, sound and lighting experts sit together and decide on the equipment needed to shoot the video based on the script and storyboard.
Location Scouting- To finalise the shoot locations we analyze the lighting conditions, ambience, echo and other factors in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Once the script, storyboard, characters, locations and equipments are all finalised and approved, then we schedule the final date of shooting in advance.

Production Process-
Once all the meetings and preparation for the shoot is done, we come to the fun part of producing live action videos- the phase of shooting. With the help of our storyboard, the team starts with-
Setting up the sound/lighting/video equipment
Capturing b-rolls (extra footage that is used to support your story)
Conducting Interviews
Recording voiceovers (if they are needed for your project)

In the production phase all the videos are captured, if you have any specific vision or idea you want executed, be sure to communicate this to us well in advance.

Post-Production Process-
This is very important to a live action video; it helps make sense of the video. In this process we combine all the elements like b-rolls, interviews and voiceovers. We produce a video that was approved in the phase of pre-production storyboard process to help you achieve your goal. This process includes
Video Editing,
Background Music Addition,
Animation including lower third,
Voice Sync
Final Delivery of the Full HD or 4k video

This is the whole process from pre-production to post-production that the FlashyVideo team follows to produce a live action explainer video.



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