Top 50 Awesome Explainer Videos

1. Sanfe Sanfe is India’s most Affordable & Ergonomic stand and Pee device. It is designed to give women the freedom to stand and urinate without getting effected. 2. Ads & URL Ads and URL are expert in creating quality… Continue Reading →

How to select a voice over for Explainer Videos?

When your script is 100% finalized and all stakeholders are happy with it, you will next have the script recorded by professional voiceover services. Remember the Pro Tip: Make sure your script is 100% done and finalised before moving into… Continue Reading →

How to storyboard an Explainer Video?

Storyboarding is the step in the production before you actually start animating and illustrating the video. It simply means that you go through the script line by line and decide what will be on the screen for each part of… Continue Reading →

Explainer Video Length: How Long Should Your Video Be?

In the previous section, we talked about scripts and mentioned that the run time of your video is determined by the word count of your script. So, how long should your video be? What are the pros and cons on… Continue Reading →

How to write an effective explainer video script for business?

The typical explainer video script for marketing video will be 150 to 300 words in length because you will want your video to have a 1-to-2-minutes run time. Remember those short attention spans? Well, the data pretty clearly states that… Continue Reading →

How do you decide on the style of business explainer video for your company?

There are a variety of animation styles or types to consider for your video content and you will need to look at some examples and decide which would be a good fit. “Fit” could be the look, production values and… Continue Reading →

Why is Business Explainer Video so important to your company or clients?

Video like any element of digital marketing has been studied to death and there are all kinds of statistics and data supporting the need for video and how it can improve results. Your target audience expects you to have video… Continue Reading →

Which is the best Explainer Video Proposal?

If you have decided that you want explainer videos to amplify your digital marketing strategy, then congratulations! You have made the right judgment.  Today video is popular on the internet and for your brand to engage with the audience, it… Continue Reading →

10 awesome Custom-made Motion Graphics Explainer Video Animation example

The popularity of custom-made Motion Graphics explainer video animation is increasing day by day. In this scenario, FlashyVideo, a professional Motion Graphics Video Animation Services Company is raising the roof for all explainer video service companies out there. It’s easier… Continue Reading →

Check out what “TAYDOO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD” have to say about our Business Explainer Video that we’ve recently made for them!

With your constant support, is growing consistently year by year and we still need your support to help us grow in the future too.  Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals gives businesses peace of mind that their hard-earned investment… Continue Reading →

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