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  • A Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words:

That’s not exactly accurate, to be honest. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. But take into account how much time and effort it would require to write 1.8 million words, never mind read such a lengthy text!

  • More Than 45% of Internet Users watch online videos:

Utilizing their preferred channels is crucial to connecting with your audience, and what channel is better than one they are already familiar with? Despite the continued popularity of printed content, more than 45% of internet users worldwide reported watching at least one online video each month. In order to put things into perspective, video marketing data show that the typical user sees 32.2 videos on average each month.

  • 500 Million People Watch Videos on Facebook:

According to the most recent video marketing data, Facebook alone has 500 million daily video viewers! In a similar line, YouTube, the most popular video-sharing website, has roughly 2.3 billion active users globally each month. You’re guaranteed to discover your target audience there, eager to see your material, because to the sizable user rules of each site.

  • Time Spent Watching Videos Has Increased:

Our lives now revolve entirely around the video. In fact, two-thirds of viewers of marketing videos continue to watch after 30 seconds, and we watch an average of 14 minutes, 6 seconds of YouTube daily. The YouTube video statistic is encouraging for video marketers!

  • The Average User Spends 16 Minutes and 49 Seconds Watching Online Video Ads:

Not just films about the newest viral trends or adorable animals are watched for long periods of time by people. Even if you opt to concentrate your approach on only producing promotional content, video marketing trends imply you still have a great opportunity of connecting with your audience because the typical user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds each month watching video advertisements online.

  • This Year, There Will Be 1 Million Videos Watched Per Second:

People are actively consuming video material, according to video marketing data, and it doesn’t appear that this will change anytime soon. In fact, it’s predicted that this year, 1 million videos will be watched every second. So you may significantly expand your reach by utilising the power of video.

  • Videos Helped 90% of Online Shoppers Make A Purchase Decision:

According to video marketing statistics, 64% of consumers are more inclined to purchase a product after watching a video about it. Videos about a product or service also assist 90% of online shoppers in making their purchasing decisions. However, how does that operate? So that visitors can better understand what you’re giving them, you can purchase videos that showcase your products and demonstrate how to use them.

  • 65% Of People Who View A Video Click Through To Visit The Website:

There should be little debate at this point regarding the expansion of video marketing and how successfully video content drives discussions and sales. However, if you still need improvement, these video marketing statistics ought to work: 50% of viewers who navigate to the seller’s website after seeing a video are looking for more details, and 65% of viewers do so.

  • 84% Of People Bought A Product After Watching A Video:

While customer testimonials and product videos are fantastic tools to boost sales, advertisements continue to be one of the most efficient forms of video content for thread conversion. In fact, according to video data, 84% of viewers of brand videos are persuaded to purchase a good or service .Make this one of the video marketing facts listed here that you commit to mind since it appears that promotional films might be one of your best partners in increasing sales for your company.

  • Real Estate That Use Video Will Increase Inquiries By 403%:

Paying attention to video marketing statistics and putting video marketing tactics into practise benefits more than just retailers. For any type of business owner trying to boost their conversion rates, video content may be a terrific asset. For instance, adding a video to real estate listings will result in a 403% increase in the amount of inquiries.

  • 75% Of Executives Watch Work-Related Videos Once A Week:

The following video marketing fact should reassure B2B business owners who are unsure about using video to reach their target market: At least once a week, according to 75% of executives, they view professional videos on business websites. Additionally, 65% of these executives visit the marketer’s website after watching a video, and 50% of them watch business-related YouTube videos.

  • 59% Of Senior Executives Prefer To Watch A Video Rather Than Read A Text:

You might be wondering, “Does the video enhance engagement too?” We’ve already indicated that this video is easier to understand than lengthy text blocks. According to trends in video marketing, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text on the same subject.

  • 80% Of Internet Users Recall Watching A Video Ad On A Website They Visited.:

Video marketing trends demonstrate how memorable ads can stick in viewers’ minds for a very long time: 80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the previous 30 days But most crucially, including advertisements on your website might entice visitors to buy something or hire a service. In reality, of the 80% who saw the advertisement, 46% did anything as a result.

  • The Average Internet User Will Spend 88% More Time On A Website That Has Video:

According to a survey, the average internet visitor will spend 88% more time on your website if it has video content, which is directly related to the preceding video statistic. It makes sense logically since visitors will stay on any website you host if they can’t take their eyes off your video. A video is frequently included, or even better, several clips! It’s a good idea to start testing the effectiveness of this medium on your website to see how it impacts the average time spent on the page scale.

  • 64% Of Website Visitors Would Buy A Product On An Online Retail Site After Watching A Video:

Your ability to emotionally connect with your viewers through video content can help you persuade them to purchase what you have to sell. After seeing a video, 64% of website visitors are more inclined to make a purchase on an online store, according to research. Additionally, numerous video statistics demonstrate that increasing average time spent on a page can be facilitated by the appeal of emotions.

  • 83% of business owners use social media platforms to distribute video marketing content:

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to distribute your videos with your audience. In actuality, 83% of the business owners polled said they disseminated video marketing content using social media channels. This trend in video marketing is being driven by the high levels of involvement and engagement that video material receives on social media. Additionally, the majority of algorithms favour videos, recommending them to the appropriate viewers and extending your reach!

  • Video In E-Mails Improve Click-Through Rate By 300%:

Every week, users typically receive hundreds of emails, making it challenging to stand out from the competition and pique their curiosity enough to click on your links. Fortunately, video content can help you raise your dismal CTR numbers.

  • An Explainer Video Can Increase Conversion Rates By 144%.

Video content can boost CTR and other performance metrics even if your email is not an introduction. He discovered that click rates for emails that contained marketing videos or explanations increased by 200% to 300%. Additionally, a website’s conversion rates can rise by as much as 144% when an instructional video is added! The effectiveness of video content in your email marketing strategy is thus further demonstrated by video marketing statistics, if nothing else.

  • 51% Subscriber-To-Lead Conversion Rate Increase When Video Is Included In E-Mail Campaigns:

The ability to increase overall conversion rates is another significant benefit of including video marketing in your all-encompassing marketing plan. When a video was incorporated into an email marketing campaign, conversion rates from one subscriber to the next rose by 51%, according to statistics on video marketing.

  • Video In Introductory E-Mail Reduces Opt-Outs By 75%:

One of the primary issues you have to deal with when it comes to email marketing campaigns is frequently losing subscribers. The good news is that you can get aid with it through video content! If you’re unaware, according to video marketing statistics, including video in an introductory email significantly lowers the number of subscribers who choose to subscribe—by 75%—than when it doesn’t.

  • The First 2.7 Seconds Of Video Are Key To Grab Attention:

Does that sound crazy to you? Actually, it’s an important video statistic. The opening 2.7 seconds of a video are crucial for attracting viewers’ attention and stopping them from clicking away because attention spans are getting shorter every year.

  • 45% Of Your Viewers Will Click Away After 1 Minute:

Both the last video marketing statistic and this one emphasise how crucial it is to stick to the recommended video lengths if you want people to see your message. 20% of your visitors will click away from a video in 10 seconds or less; 33% click away after 30 seconds; 45% click away after 1 minute; and nearly 60% click away after 2 minutes.

  • Mobile Users Engage 30% More With Video Than Desktop Users:

According to studies, mobile users appear to have greater attention spans than desktop viewers, who typically watch movies for no longer than two minutes. While Android users just need a 3-minute film to hold their attention, iPhone users typically view videos for around 2.4 minutes. The longest attention spans have historically been held by iPad users, who watch web videos for an average of 5 minutes.

  • 75% Of All Videos Are Being Played On Mobile Devices:

The advancement of mobile phones is frequently disregarded, but developments in video marketing suggest that this is no longer an option. You must ensure that your material is enhanced to play smoothly on consumers’ smartphones given that more than 75% of all videos are viewed on mobile devices. Nothing is more aggravating than missing content in a video that is being shown in odd places!

  • 87% Of Business Related Videos Are Viewed On DesktopL:

Even while mobile viewing is here to stay, you shouldn’t disregard your desktop audience. In fact, according to statistics on video marketing, 87% of business-related videos are still watched on a desktop computer. Therefore, optimise it suitably and keep in mind that this type of material still dominates desktop viewing and format to ensure that users have a positive viewing experience with your films.

  • 69% Of People Prefer Watching Short Videos About A Product Or Service:

The fact that watching videos has gotten so simple is one of the reasons behind the exponential growth of video marketing. However, despite the temptation to cram as much information as possible into each piece, video statistics show that 69% of people prefer watching brief videos about products or services in order to learn more about them. If you need to convey a lot of information to your audience, choose to divide it up into a number of shorter movies instead. You can also choose to concentrate on platforms whose users tend to enjoy lengthier pieces of material.

  • 15 Second-Videos Are More Likely To Get Shared:

In contrast to videos that are 30 and 60 seconds long, 15-second videos are more likely to be shared. According to studies on video marketing, a video’s chances of going viral seem to increase with its length.

  • Mobile Users Watch Up To 90% Of Vertical Video Ads:

You should consider both the technical aspects of the production process and the platforms where you will upload your content when developing your video marketing strategy. Think about the following video marketing fact: according to recent studies, mobile users view up to 90% more vertical video advertising than horizontal ones (14% vs. 14%, respectively). This implies that some technical components of your video will depend on the platform where the majority of your target audience will view it. For instance, Instagram is made to display videos vertically whereas YouTube and Facebook are excellent places to view videos horizontally.

  • 92% Of Mobile Users Watch Videos With The Sound Off:

92% of mobile users watch videos with the sound off, and 50% rely on the subtitles to understand the information, according to recent trends in video marketing. This demonstrates the significance of optimising silent viewing.

  • 50% Of Manufacturers Improved Their YouTube Presence To Connect With Consumers Directly:

Your target audience’s perception of your brand will be significantly influenced by how it appears on YouTube. In order to show yourself as an informed, respected, and dependable company in your niche, having a nice channel with a significant quantity of helpful videos would help a lot.

  • Wednesday Between 7 to 11 AM PST, Is The Best Time To Share A Video:

Although it may be alluring to publish and share your film as soon as it is finished, you may want to wait so that it can be seen by as many people as possible because making a video normally takes a lot of work. In light of this, YouTube video data show that popular YouTube videos are embedded, linked, or shared on Wednesdays in the United States between 7 AM and 11 AM Pacific Standard. Use this video marketing statistic to your advantage and post your videos at times when your audience is most active and most likely to watch them.

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