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In the previous section, we talked about scripts and mentioned that the run time of your video is determined by the word count of your script. So, how long should your video be? What are the pros and cons on video length? Most importantly, what is the explainer video ideal length?

Some will strongly insist 1 minute or less, and definitely shorter is better in most cases. You should make your video as short as possible and that usually means explainer video optimal duration should be within 2 minutes or less. Even complex subjects or products can be covered under 2 minutes.

Here are the statistics that we have found after conducting extensive research on the explainer video ideal length and engagement.

Basically, the longer the video, the lower the completion rate of the video and the higher the viewer drop-off before getting to the 50% mark of the video.

Video Length Viewed 50% Of Video Watched Entire Video
< 1 Minute 80% 60%
1 – 2 Minutes 72% 48%
2 – 3 Minutes 62% 42%
3 – 4 Minutes 58% 37%
10 – 20 Minutes 45% 28%
60+ Minutes 22% 8%

Ok, so even though shorter videos are preferable, explainer video optimal duration is achievable as long as you craft it properly. That means having the most important information toward the beginning or in the first half of the video and doing your best to make the video good enough that more people will watch to the end.

It’s also worth noting that even if you have a longer video, some portion of the audience will watch the whole thing, and perhaps these are the people you really want. We would recommend that you keep your video under 2 minutes for maintaining the explainer video ideal length. Here are some of the examples.

In some cases, you may have a more complex topic or product and it’s simply not possible and you need more time and that’s ok. We also have produced 3- and 4-minute videos that are effective. Have a look and get the knowledge and experience.

If the video is for lead generation and early-stage engagement then explainer video optimal duration definitely has to be a shorter run time.

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