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If you have decided that you want explainer videos to amplify your digital marketing strategy, then congratulations! You have made the right judgment.  Today video is popular on the internet and for your brand to engage with the audience, it is essential that you have quality videos doing the rounds, and telling your brand’s story. After the decision, however, comes the very important step of selecting the right agency to do the job for you. FlashyVideos, a top explainer video company, wants to inform you about the pointers that you should be aware of before striking the deal.

The company will send you a proposal in which all the technicalities of the work process would be mentioned. This proposal will be the blueprint based on which the work will be done. Here are some of the factors that you must check and cross-check before deciding on the agency. This is your guide to the best explainer video proposal.


Any agency worth its money will show you examples of their work with other clients as means of showcasing their quality of work. It is meant to give you an idea about what to expect and to gain your trust in the agency.

FlashyVideos, a top explainer video company loves sharing its past experiences with new clients. We are happy to present before you the fruits of our labor so that your decision-making gets easier. We are more than sure that once you watch the following videos you will know why we are considered among the best in the industry.


You can expect an estimate of expenditure at the beginning of the project. The best explainer video proposal will give you an idea of how much you would be investing. FlashyVideos pricing is competitive and in fact way less than those agencies who charge exorbitant rates for their creative insights. We design our project to fit your budget and meet your needs without compromising on quality. The good need not always be sky-high in price and only the top explainer video company such as ours can guarantee you that.

Project Timelines

The best explainer video proposal will give you milestones with regard to stages of delivery that they will strictly follow. We for example take 12 to 15 days to complete the entire video.

Scriptwriting takes 2 days and voice-over another 2 days. Storyboard takes 4 days and animation with background music and voice sync takes 4 days.

We are the top explainer video proposal company because we are stringent about our deadlines and duly follow them. It ensures that the process is streamlined in a smooth way without bumps on the road.

Samples of Voice Artists

Voice artists bring life to the video. They deliver the message to your target audience and make an impression on their minds. The best agency will provide you with samples of voice artists so that you can hear for yourself the persona that speaks to your target audience. FlashyVideos, a top explainer video company offers more than 500 different voice artists from all over the world in different regional and international languages and as many different kinds of accents. Here are some examples of our male and female voice artists.


Female –

Client’s Testimonals

The desirable company with the best explainer video proposal will share with you testimonials of past clients. This greatly increases the credibility of the organization and you can trust the goodwill and professionalism of the brand. Have a look at some of our happy clients. Our portfolio speaks for our brand and how we have delivered to the satisfaction of our clients.

Check out some of the testimonials about us:

Choosing from the different types of video

Explainer videos are of different types and choosing the right one is crucial. It is based on the image of the brand, the demographics of the target audience, and the nature of the product or service that the type of video should be selected.

Motion graphics videos are useful for conveying complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. Some of the key features of motion graphics animation are high-quality graphics, eyeball-grabbing transitions, and advanced animation.

2D/3D character and infographic animations are beneficial for making lively videos that will tell the story of your business.

Live-action videos are there to convince your audience about your brand through a spokesperson who adds his or her own charm to the delightful infographics.

Whiteboard animation is an industry favorite and possibly the most creative among all. It retains the attention of the audience the best and compels them to follow the call to action.

3D product animation works best to showcase the features of products in detail and in a realistic way.

The Creative Process

The best explainer video proposal is one that will give you a detailed overview of the steps that go into making the animation. You should be updated on each of the steps that comprise the creative process. Behind each personalized video, there is a dedicated team that works relentlessly to live up to the high standards of FlashyVideos. This is how FlashyVideos operates—

·         First we collect from you information about your brand, product, and service so that we thoroughly understand our task at hand.

·         This is the most important step of the creative process. Every other element of the video is developed based on the script. We craft a story for you that will describe your brand to the audience.

·         There are more than five hundred male and female voices in multiple accents to choose from.

·         Storyboard is the next and crucial step in which we present before you graphics for each line in the script. Graphics, illustrations, color palettes, and characters that would be used in the video would be shared with you.

·         Once these four steps are complete, the majority of the video is ready. The remaining bit includes adding animation to the graphics, background music, and lip-syncing of the characters.

·         The entire project is finished within fifteen days and you can use it to promote it on your website, social media, paid ads, professional networks, pitch deck, business presentations, etc.

These are the things you should be on the lookout for to understand the qualities of the best explainer video proposal is. How do we know? Because we are a top explainer video company and the ones who send them regularly to our client and are willing to send one to you too. Get in touch with us at

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