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The popularity of custom-made Motion Graphics explainer video animation is increasing day by day. In this scenario, FlashyVideos, a professional Motion Graphics Video Animation Services Company is raising the roof for all explainer video service companies out there. It’s easier to tell a compelling story with such good motion graphics explainer video animation. The animation can be curated as per the brand’s image. If a brand is joyous, a fun animated video is made to suit its image. If it’s more serious, the video can have intense graphics to emphasize that. It provides an opportunity to engage the audience and immerse them into the world of graphics completely and improves user experience.

Here is a list of top custom-made Motion Graphics explainer video animation made for various industries:

1. Website Development Company

This is a custom-made Motion Graphics explainer video animation for the brand Ads and URL, which help customers with their website development. FlashyVideos has curated an eye-catching video for the brand the efficiently highlights the problem and solutions. Cool colour tones are used in the animation to appeals to the audience more. This strategy is great to build brand image through explainer videos.

Website Development Company

2. Telyfone App

This is a motion graphic video for Telyfone app that explains its functionality. Motion Graphics as per the requirement of the brand are used that efficiently coveys the message. The graphics are totally in sync with the point and there’s no room for confusion. That’ why FlashyVideos is a popular professional Motion Graphics video animation services company.

Telyfone App

3. Smart Aquaponics

This video is custom made for Ooredoo precisionponic which is a data-oriented water managing system. FlashyVideos has designed interesting graphics for the audience to completely understand the product. The of sustainable farming is put forth and its importance is beautifully highlighted. What sets FlashyVideos apart is -although, it is a complex mechanism, FlashyVideos has made it fairly easier through motion graphics.

Smart Aquaponics

4. Portable Cooler for Clarion Cooler

In this video, FlashyVideos relates the need for Clarion coolers with the work efficiency among factory workers. This a brilliant idea that is realized with Motion Graphics. The video talks about the importance of Clarion coolers and provides multiple reasons to buy them. The types of coolers are presented neatly and their features are also highlighted.

Portable Cooler for Clarion Cooler

5. Real-Time Messaging Framework for Yalgaar

This video explains the brand Yalgaar which is a real-time message infrastructure on the cloud. Motion Graphics in this video represents the brand and the message that it wants to convey. Each aspect of the app is neatly displayed and users of any age group can understand it.  

Real-Time Messaging Framework for Yalgaar

6. Solar Micro-Invertor

This is a vibrant custom-made Motion Graphics explainer video animation that displays various elements of solar micro-inverter by SunSights. It explains the mechanism and various features of the invertor in a way that the audience enjoys learning about it. It is great for industries that deal in sustainable gadgets as they need to be well conveyed. 

Solar Micro-Invertor

7. Real Estate

FlashyVideos makes videos for a variety of industries. One such example is this motion graphic video for a real estate company called Synerzi. This 1 min video conveys all the services of Synerzi. That’s the beauty of Motion Graphics. Short videos can be used to tell many stories about brands.

Real Estate

8. Electric Vehicle Charging stations

In this video, FlashyVideos paints a beautiful picture of roads and cars to demonstrate the perfect ecosystem for the brand, Verde Mobility. It shows how the companies make lives to electric car owners very easy by providing charging points at short distances.

Electric Vehicle Charging stations

9. IT Services Management

This custom-made video is for a brand called Moto Data. This video perfectly represents the brand with pumping sound and beautiful motion graphics that suits the brand. This a well-organized, creative video that brings forth the various quality of the brand. It answers every question that might arise in the minds of the customer.

IT Services Management

10. Internet Security

This video explains K7 computing that provides solutions for your internet security. With those intelligent motion graphics and captivating visuals, FlashyVideos explains to the viewers why they need the product. It is a great technique and it generates interest in the mind of users as they can see what advantage they’ll get from the product.

Internet Security

These were the top 10 videos from various industries that help brands to increase their customer base and generate more sales. If you wish to make that happen for your brand, get in touch with professional Motion Graphics Video animation services company, FlashyVideos today.

Another interesting video style that you can use to explain complex ideas in an appealing manner is a live-action explainer video.

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