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When your script is 100% finalized and all stakeholders are happy with it, you will next have the script recorded by professional voiceover services.

Remember the Pro Tip: Make sure your script is 100% done and finalised before moving into voice recording and video production. Also, remember to make sure that you seek the help of the best voiceover services company for the job.

One question on voice-over that we get on a regular basis is whether it’s better to have a male or female voice in the video?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, though if your video is about something that would obviously lend itself to a male or female voice to be more authoritative or trusted for that particular product, then pick the gender that is appropriate. For example, in the case of some products used exclusively by females, professional voiceover services by a female voiceover artist would be more suitable.

We have periodically looked for research to provide a firm answer and most of the research seems to find that it makes no difference whether you use a female or male voice talent.

However, it does appear that if your project calls for force and authority, you are better served by going with a male voice. On the other hand, if your project needs to be more soothing and convey trustworthiness, then the professional voiceover services by a female may be the better choice.

We can’t help but say that with the extent of voice talent out there, you can find a female voice-over artist who can be forceful and authoritative and you can find a male voice-over artist who can be trustworthy. In other words, hire the talent from the best voiceover services company you like that seems to resonate with your brand or industry.

Background Music

Should you have background music on your video? It’s not absolutely necessary, though we usually have background music in the videos we produce.

It can be very difficult to pick out background music and we have spent hours listening to tracks to find the right one for a project. We have been lucky in that some of our illustrators over the years were good at picking the right music.

Once you pick your background music, it will need to be added to the audio track or combined with the voice track.

Pro – Tip on background music:

Watch your levels. What we mean by this is make sure your background music volume is not so loud it makes it difficult to hear the voice track. We see videos with background music set to high all of the time; don’t be one of those guys. This is a fair share of advice from the house of FlashyVideos, the best voiceover services company.

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