2D Character Explainer Video Animation

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2D Character Explainer Video Animation

What is 2D Character Video Animation?

FlashyVideo presents itself as best 2D Character Video Services Company in Delhi which offers explainer video production services for brands from all over the globe.

2D Character are exceptional way to communicate with viewer, and it can add depth to the story. They are great for creating a powerful explainer video. Custom made 2D Character explainer video animation can help the viewer visualise the concept in a way a presentation can’t.

2D animation is vast for storytelling because of its suppleness and an extensive variety of stylist potentials. If you wish to converse your message through a standard fictional structure marking a start, center, and conclusion, all through which characters change- A 2D animated video is all you are looking for and it is perfect for you.

Creative teamwork is where the magic begins when writers, designers, animators and creative directors’ work together to craft unique story to your brand and create a message which is easy to understand by all.
• We draft a script and plan the visuals in the first stage
• With help of professional, we record a voice over that speaks in your brand’s voice
• Then graphic designer create customized 2D Characters with visual assets in the illustration phase
• Animator makes them move with animation, adds background music along with cool sound effects
• Finally overseen by Creative Director to make sure your brand’s message is correctly delivered and final video is meeting the client’s requirement

Why 2D Character Video Animation?

• 2D Character videos are simplistic but still evoke emotion and tell a story, which is great for getting across more complex concepts easily.
• A fantastically made animated 2D graphics video brings your brand to the forefront and turns your raw ideas into the real world. We create Full HD 2D Character Product Videos for our clients.
• 2D animation is friendly and reminds us of watching childhood cartoons, which is another aspect that people look for when putting across complicated services, ideas or products in a way that is easier to understand, using more approachable characters.
• You can also place your 2D characters in any situation or location to improve your story without major cost implications.
• It’s less time consuming – a 90 second 2D Character video can convey as much or more information as a long boring text.
• 2D Character Videos don’t require much from the viewer. People can sit back and watch, without having to spend much energy.
• One of the less obvious benefits of 2D Character is that it gives you the creative freedom to combine it with other kinds of visuals like Infographics animation and Whiteboard animation.

Combining 2D Character Animation with other styles:

2D Character and Infographics Animation

We are professional 2D Character Video Services Company where all our explainer videos are hand crafted and customize based on clients need.

Combining 2D Character with Infographics animation can make a huge difference as using 2D characters will make story relatable at the onset, empowering viewers to empathise with video’s characters.

While animated Infographics design that features text, shapes, graphics will help to focus on the product’s features and benefits that aren’t easily told through the eyes of character’s experience.

Here are the examples of our 2D Character + 2D Infographics Animation video

2D Character + 2D Infographics Animation Video Example

2D Character and Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a type of animation that features the illustrator physically drawing the artwork on a whiteboard or other surface using pens and markers.

Whiteboard videos are the creative and comes with a multitude of strengths and applications that can be used in almost any environment.

The strongest outcome is information retention. However most of the whiteboard videos involve motion design to make the hand and the camera move and to enrich certain elements, making the video more dynamic.

Here are the examples that shows the potential of 2D Character + Whiteboard animation to wow audience and tell the story at the same time.

2D Character + Whiteboard Video Animation Example

The Benefits of using a 2D Character Explainer Video for your Brand:

We are a professional 2D Character Production Company dedicated to pampering complete necessities of 2d animation and as we have worked on an extensive variety of animation projects, understanding the perspective and your requirements is fairly easy for us.

We would love to create a unique, high – converting 2D Character marketing video animation for your brand. We have helped our clients to reach their goals by exploring their target audience with commercial videos and have grown their business.

These are few benefits of 2D Character Videos:
• Capture and hold attention of audience
• Easy to communicate and understand
• Cost Effective
• Faster to Produce and easy to updated
• Engage Deeper
• Shareable
• Artistic freedom
• Easy Promotion of Brand
• Educate and Amaze viewers
• Easy to Search

2D Character Video Animation Examples

Get your characters in motion with combination of interactive infographic, text and icons for business or personal use!

Sanfe - Female Stand and Pee Device Explainer Video
Sebeings - Manpower Outsourcing Services
Movemate - Movers and Packers Service
Recycle Device - Selling Old Phones
BeetleQ - Artificial Intelligence Platform
Whatspup - Temporary Home for Pets


Other Explainer Videos syles that we have

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Clients we have created 2D Character Explainer Video Animation

You are in good company! Meet other awesome Enterprises that we have worked with. Satisfaction of our Clients is the Utmost Priority to us as a Happy Client gives more Business and Referrals and apparently grow together with Great Business

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Industries we have created 2D Character Video Animation

Check out the list of the industries for which we have made Animated Explainer Videos. Click on the below icons to check the related playlist for the videos that you are looking.

Mobile App
IT & Software

Social Networking
Real Estate
Video Editing
Digital Marketing

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