Explainer Video Production Process

FlashyVideos presents itself as one of the best explainer video production companies. As a well-respected name in the Explainer Video industry, we focus on creating creative and effective explainer videos specifically designed for your business.

Making explainer videos is our specialty and we make different explainer video styles as per your business requirement. It could be in animation or live action videos. From Whiteboard to 2D Character Animation, Motion Graphic to Stock Motion, Screen Casting to Live Video shoot, we do it all for you! All these explainer video styles are custom made and has different video production processes.

With the help of experienced team of professionals and advanced software’s, we incorporate two or more styles with each other creating a unique video, which works well with the theme and brand of the company. To help you understand how we make each explainer video styles, we have listed our processes in detail.

Animated Video Production Process

Whiteboard Animation- With our whiteboard special illustrations library we are able to create exceptional hand drawn sketch videos that are engaging, unlike no one else.

2D Character Animation- We create custom 2D characters using latest software that helps to evoke emotion and explain any brand’s story effectively.

Screen Casting Video- To explain the functionality of any App, software or website, we use professional screen recording software and add animation effects to highlight key points to effectively explain “how it works”.

Motion Graphics Video Animation- We make fully customize graphics, do advanced animation that is great for getting across more complex concepts easily. Motion graphics video style is 21st century choice and it is preferred in top notch companies all across the globe that makes them stand out from the rest of the businesses.

3D Product Animation- We make exact 3D model to showcase all dimensions of your product, animate it in 3D to highlight the various features that looks stuning and adds royalty into the video. This video style is the best to create buzz or to explain the product featues when you are launching a new product or series in the market.

Live-Action Video Production Process

Corporate Videos- We take cinematic approach while shooting corporate videos that looks professional and make your brand stand out. Examples of these videos include corporate overview videos, staff training and safety videos, promotional/brand films, investor relations and shareholder videos, market updates and product videos etc.

Spokesperson Video- Here we provide options from International or Indian spokespersons to choose from. Spokesperson represents your brand and explains everything in the video that is then edited to make it look professional.

Stock Motion Videos- With our special Stock Footage library we are able to create exceptional videos that put accoss to your message to your target audiences similarly the way live-action videos does.

Interview Video- A question answer video format which will be made with by shooting in a professional studio by asking the customer's pain points and how a particular brand is helping them overcome those challenges.

a ● Testimonial Video- They help a lot when you need to build brand trust, and they'll inform your target audience of how great your brand, product and services are!



As a well respected name in the Animated Explainer Video industry. We focus on creating creative and effective explainer videos specifically designed for your business that make you grow more.


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