2D Motion Graphics Explainer Video Animation

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What is Motion Graphics Video Animation?

FlashyVideos presents itself as the best Motion Graphics Video Services Company in Delhi, which offers explainer video production services for brands from all over the globe.

Motion graphics are an exceptional way to communicate with the viewer, and they can add depth to the story. They are great for creating a powerful explainer video. Custom-made Motion graphics explainer video animation can help the viewer visualize the concept in a way a presentation can't.

With the help of advanced animation and high-quality graphics, you can illustrate your story through the magic of motion. They tell a story by using a combination of elements like photos, videos, illustrations, and typography, etc., to create visually rich compositions to keep viewers engaged.

Creative teamwork is where the magic begins when writers, designers, animators, and creative directors work together to craft a unique story for your brand and create a message that is easy to understand by all.

  • We draft a script and plan the visuals in the first stage
  • With the help of professionals, we record a voiceover that speaks in your brand's voice
  • Then, graphic designers create visual assets in the illustration phase
  • Animator makes them move with animation in Adobe After Effects, adds background music along with cool sound effects
  • Finally overseen by a Creative Director to make sure your brand's message is correctly delivered, and the final video is meeting the client's requirement

Why Motion Graphics Video Animation?

  • Motion Graphics Videos simplify complex topics to deliver the right message across. This animation style can break down any concept, however abstract or technical, into an explanation that everyone could understand.
  • These videos are super memorable as being eye-catching and standing out from the rest of the content.
  • They have attractive designs with the use of animation techniques and stunning transitions. We create Full HD Motion Graphics Product Videos for our clients.
  • It's less time-consuming – a 90-second motion graphics video can convey as much or more information as a long, boring text.
  • Motion Graphics Videos don't require much from the viewer. People can sit back and watch, without having to spend much energy.
  • They're easy to repurpose. You can cut one motion graphic into several 30-second promotional videos, update VO, or turn your existing motion graphics into static infographics.
  • One of the less obvious benefits of motion graphics is that it gives you the creative freedom to combine it with other kinds of visuals like live-action video, cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, as well as 3D animation.

Combining Motion Graphics Animation with other styles:

Motion Graphics and 2D Character Animation

We are a professional Motion Graphics Video Services Company where all our explainer videos are handcrafted and customized based on clients' needs.

Combining motion graphics with 2D Character animation can make a huge difference as using 2D characters will make the story relatable at the onset, empowering viewers to empathize with the video's characters.

While animated motion graphic design that features text, shapes, graphics will help focus on the product's features and benefits that aren't easily told through the eyes of character's experience.

Here are the examples of our Motion Graphics + 2D Character Animation video

Motion Graphics Animation and Live action

Why choose between animation and live-action video when you can have both? This powerful combo allows marketers to show real-life situations, and amplify them with animation layered on top of live-action footage.

With Live action videos you can add human touch that will engage the audience and are great for storytelling. However you can’t expect your audience to facts and figures if you just talk about it. And that’s where motion graphics steps in.

Here are some examples of our cool videos using the benefits of both popular techniques to create unique styles and compelling stories.

Motion Graphics and 3D Product Video Animation

3D animation adds a third dimension – depth – to the animation equation, creating a highly dynamic animated environment that empowers marketers to craft realistic settings, characters, objects, textures, and lighting to vitalise their videos in new ways. If you have a complex idea, a technical product, or a concept that requires visual depth and perspective, a 3D animated video might be just right for you.

However it will be difficult to show stats or the name of key concept with only 3D animation video. Oftentimes, you also need to leverage visual resources to strengthen this type of information. And that’s where motion graphics animation steps in.

In most cases, it acts as an overlay of the 3D animation video, showcasing the charts, stats, numbers and other product details with help of text, shapes and graphics. So if you want to tell a story about an innovative or technical product, you can combine motion graphics with 3D animation style to convey the message.

Here is the example that shows the potential of Motion Graphics + 3D Product Video Animation to wow audience and tell the story at the same time.

Motion Graphics and Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a type of animation that features the illustrator physically drawing the artwork on a whiteboard or other surface using pens and markers.

Whiteboard videos are the creative and comes with a multitude of strengths and applications that can be used in almost any environment.

IThe strongest outcome is information retention. However most of the whiteboard videos involve motion design to make the hand and the camera move and to enrich certain elements, making the video more dynamic.

Here are the examples that shows the potential of Motion Graphics + Whiteboard animation to wow audience and tell the story at the same time.

The Benefits of using a Motion Graphics Explainer Video for your Brand:

Our Motion Graphics Production Company is not only designed to impress people but they are also formatted to engage audiences more deeply within a central narrative.

We would love to create a unique, high – converting Motion Graphics marketing video animation for your brand. We have helped our clients to reach their goals by exploring their target audience with commercial videos and have grown their business.

If you are thinking about motion graphics video animation cost where you don’t want to spend too much money on your video but at same time you don’t want a cheap looking and generic online video either the go for a company whose prices matches the video quality.

We guarantee the best price quality ratio. If you’re ready for your next big video marketing win, let us make you a motion graphics video you’d be proud of.


Our videos have the power to make your business grow, connect with your audience, and leave a lasting impact. As a top-notch explainer video production company, we specialize in crafting custom business explainer video services that effectively convey your brand message. Whether you need Whiteboard Animation, 2D Character Animation, Infographic, Motion Graphic, Screen Casting videos, Stock Motion, 3D product animation, Live Video Shoot, or any other style, we've got you covered.

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It was a great experience working with FlashyVideos. Loved the video which they created for me. Looking forward to unlock new opportunities to work with them :)It was a great experience working with FlashyVideos. Loved the video which they created for me. Looking forward to unlock new opportunities to work with them :)
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Explainer Video Production Process

Whether you're in need of engaging animation or compelling live-action videos, we've meticulously crafted a structured production process for each video style.

Animated Explainer Video Process

Creative Brief

Before we start making a video, we share a questionnaire with you.

Crafting the Script

Our team of experienced script writers writes a professional script.

Professional Voiceover

Choose from 500+ Male or Female voices in your selected accent.

Video Storyboard

We provide a .ppt with graphics for each script line.

Advanced Animation

We add animation and background music to your video.

Final Delivery

We deliver the Full HD video in 12-15 working days.

Live-Action Explainer Video Process


Everything before the shooting happens in this phase.


The actual shooting of the video takes place in this phase.


Editing and finalizing the video occurs in this phase.

Why Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are your key to clear, engaging, and efficient communication. They distill complex ideas into simple, compelling visuals that captivate your audience. Discover why explainer videos are an essential asset for your brand.

Increase Your Reach

Explainer videos are a powerful tool to expand your reach and effectively convey your company's story, products, or services to a diverse audience.

Boost Sales & Profits

With your audience captivated by your content, you can anticipate a guaranteed boost in sales and increased profits.

Increase Conversion Rate

Story-driven videos are the most effective way to capture visitors' attention, fostering a connection that's crucial for converting them into loyal customers.

Grow Business

Videos aren't just easier to share on social media; well-crafted explainer videos can propel your business to new heights. Place your order today and witness the magic unfold!

Rank Better in Search Engines

Search engines favor videos over plain text. Having videos on your pages keeps visitors engaged longer, leading to reduced bounce rates and improved search engine rankings.

Information Retention

Research indicates that the brain processes visual content, such as videos, more swiftly than text. Visual information is retained better, so let's kickstart your journey!

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