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In the world of reduced attention span and decrease in conversion rates, Flashyvideos has positioned itself as a leading production company in creating fun & attention grabbing animated explainer videos.

We take pride in conveying your story or message in a way that appeals & engages your targets and prospects.

We have made 500+ explainer videos for various brands and start-ups. By maintaining industry’s best delivery turn around, prices and quality, we have been able to secure customer satisfaction rate as high as 100%.
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Once you place an order with us. We mandatorily share a requirement gathering questionnaire. This needs to be filled and send back to us. This contains list of all information that needs to be shared. However, we need a high resolution logo, contact information among other details.
The standard time will be around 12-15 working days. Though it may vary based on your requirements, all of which will be clarified and finalized.
Payment in company's account, Email Invoice will be generated for buyer's protection.

We take 50% advance of the whole amount to start the video and remaining amount after the storyboard is finalized.
Yes, a video could be of any duration ranging from a minute to higher. The cost of the video for upto initial 1 minute is the regular price. Every additional second above 1 minute will be charged per second respective per minute package price.
Yes multiple number of videos could be booked at once. These videos could be delivered simultaneously or one after the other as requested during order placement.
Yes it is possible to mix different styles of video services to make a single video type. Integration of videos coming from different forms looks great and cost can be communicated after reviewing the duration of different styles.
Changing a script once it’s been sent for studio recording and production is not in the scope of package deliverable, However in case if you need to make any kind of changes in script once approved, can be done at extra cost.
We do accept assignments for custom projects. The costing of such projects depends upon the time and efforts involved into it hence the pricing of such projects are custom.
When we take an order it goes through a series of tasks. It starts with requirement gathering, followed by script writing, voice over, storyboard building, animation, voice sync and delivery of beta preview. We take the feedback on the beta preview video and provide the final video based on the feedback from the client.
We have done videos in languages other than English. In case a video needs to be translated we could do it too. If you need video in any other language, contact us.
Our videos come under a complete package deal, hence we do not provide discount to such services.
We do not provide raw files to any video owner due to certain technical limitations. However, if in case, there is an availablity of source file at our end, we can provide at an extra cost of 20% of the total video pricing.
We accept payments through online bank transfers, cheques, cash and Stripe.
Yes, orders could be placed from anywhere in the world. For the payments being remitted from other than India we accept payments in US Dollars. We are based in Delhi NCR offering Animated explainer videos and Voice over services PAN India and internationally with countries like USA, UK, UAE, Australia, France, Spain, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland etc.
Our animated videos are delivered in only mp4 format. Apart from this we can deliver the video in any standard format, If you want to confirm your format requirement, contact us before ordering.
We usually upload the videos on our online cloud server and send a downloadable link. In special cases we send a video through wetransfer too.
We always deliver high resolution video in 1080p.
A lower resolution of the video is produced too in order to circulate through mobile platforms.
There is a provision of faster delivery of videos upon request which is chargeable to the customer as extra efforts and resources are deployed to meet the requirements in a rush.
The video containing watermark indicates pending outstanding as described by the accounts department or its not the final render of the video. The watermark is removed only if the balance payment is settled and finalized the delivery.
Changes to the logo fall under the edits to the video and charged the same as extra revisions. Animated / motion logo are a different form of video making and doing such animation is charged extra, however, if such byte is provided by a client, normal edit charges are applied.
The charges are broken in three parts, namely, writing a script in the other languages, doing the voiceover upon the same and syncing it in the video. The charges are separately applicable for each different language asked.
Yes, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect the interests of clients confidentiality. We will send it through email for reference.
Yes, there is a provision of discount upon bulk orders, however, such offer vary from time to time hence a personal contact is required to discuss the running offer in detail.
We have associate partnership and referral programmes in place and a well defined sharing structure. For more details you can contact us.
Voiceover can be only be changed if you agree to pay the extra cost, as tangible charges such as artist, studio and transportation is associated with this process.
No, we don’t have any refund policy since nature of our business is intangible. Once the order is placed, can’t be cancelled.



As a well respected name in the Animated Explainer Video industry. We focus on creating creative and effective explainer videos specifically designed for your business that make you grow more.


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